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All my work in the past prepared me for the "toughest job I'll ever love"- Mommy! So what do I do? I drown in laundry Marvel at how dishes & clutter can multiply- socks subtract. Repetitive tasks? Sweep several times a day. Find I'm folding laundry cleaning up the same books and toys so often&in the same place in some weird kind of deja vu. &in between I teachinspirelistenplay w/my little one. Thus the name of my blog-Math for Mommies: Add the number of times your child has lost his shoes made a mess brought home a stray bug as a pet surprised you delighted you while making you tear your hair out too! & of course subtract the # of good nights sleep you'll lose the er date nights you will no longer get &multiply by the things you'll forget & though it makes no sense: you've got mommy math. Really I'm not so great at things like math & the like yet I attract those who are-friends and exes - math/physics/computer geeks. Opposites attract&all that! What I really want is someone good w/words n all that- Artists, musicians&free thinkers-pls apply

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Math for mommies

I was entering a giveaway for what sounds like a great work at home resource book. The question entrants must answer is what kind of work do you do?

What? Now or in the past? I've suffered through the monotony of data entry work and reception duties - but for me it was more like reveled. As much as I love trying new things, like dropping everything and moving cross country with one suitcase of clothes, the other of my writings with little else save a plane ticket and job offer for care taking...for houses and people, I actually enjoy some repetitive tasks.

I've also worked for different kinds of weight loss centers - I really enjoy partnering with others to guide them towards their goals. I worked both as consultant/counselor/priestly confessor where I encouraged, inspired and listened and Program Director - introducing clients to the program, sales to some. And let's not forget my stint on a hot springs resort (clothing optional in the hot springs - I shock myself just thinking about it) where I both answered phones and scrubbed toilets.

And more recently, I learned the body from he cellular level up for Massage Therapy, completing everything just in time for booking passage for my little Indigo and providing comfy transport for him for nine months before delivering him to the world. At 36. I finished school just in time as my mind turned to mush during my pregnancy and is only very slowly getting back to normal and its two years later. Like my likely atrophied muscles, my brain is gathering dust and stiffening up, and needs a good housecleaning and regular opportunities to tone and flex its muscles.

All of the "careers" I've had help prepare me for the "toughest job I'll ever love". Motherhood. I never thought it would happen that I'd want it, could give lists of reasons why it would never happen. Not to me. Yet there I was, first time out trying, I caught, goal, touchdown, but no rabbit died as test methods have improved. I think. I hope.

So what do I do? I drown in laundry, I marvel at how dishes and clutter can multiply while socks subtract. Repetitive tasks? I sweep several times a day. Clean up the same books and toys just as many times or more and find my self folding laundry in the same places in some weird kind of deja vu. And in between I encourage, inspire, listen and play with my little one.

I love my little snoogs yet yearn for the day I get a break, go back to work, take a breath on my own, pee on my own, scratch my nose on my own. And then I immediately feel guilty for these thoughts! My husband works swing and is addicted to World of Warcraft, not much of an interactor and really doesn't understand kids. Expecting him to be perfectly behaved without baby proofing anything so that when he's not, when he touches his game players (to get attention - he looks right at his dad and when his dad ignores him he chatters or makes noise) so that most of his dad's time with him is spent saying and yelling the word, no. So I mostly stay with him 24/7 except when I need a shower or if Daniel is home and RK engrossed in Sponge Bob or a game, I will nurse a migraine in the dark.

How do I justify going back to work? I need to pay for both study materials and my exam yet most of my check will be spent on childcare, transportation and taxes. And eventually be independent enough to manage my own household's money...be free to make decisions for myself and my child. So I wait. Biding my time. Trying to be the best mommy I can. Entering sweepstakes and winning lots...hoping to win enough to balance my child and nurture my need for a career and independence.

Want to check out the sweepstakes for yourself?



oyen said...

Sweepstakes? Will check it out!

I think blogging is helping you take out those webs up there in the attic of your brain :D you write pretty well!

Miranda said...

"I drown in laundry, I marvel at how dishes and clutter can multiply while socks subtract"

Isn't that the truth! lol

Oyen is right, keep the writing up. :) .. but nothing wrong with a little sweepstaking, I do it too.

Absolutely Awesome Things (AAT) said...

"my mind turned to mush during my pregnancy and is only very slowly getting back to normal and its two years later" I laughed when I read that because I felt exactly the same way when I was pregnant.It does come back to normal.
I liked your comment on organised everyday blog about making friends. We should keep hoping shouldn't we?Nice blog.

Amy said...

Its very true...blogging does help there - thus why I am taking it up again...and with the hope that one day...I will be able to start offering my services as professional reviewer like all the blogs who offer reviews/sweepstakes that I've both entered - and won.

Amy said...

LOL maybe I should change the name of my blog to, "Math for Mommies" lol