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All my work in the past prepared me for the "toughest job I'll ever love"- Mommy! So what do I do? I drown in laundry Marvel at how dishes & clutter can multiply- socks subtract. Repetitive tasks? Sweep several times a day. Find I'm folding laundry cleaning up the same books and toys so often&in the same place in some weird kind of deja vu. &in between I teachinspirelistenplay w/my little one. Thus the name of my blog-Math for Mommies: Add the number of times your child has lost his shoes made a mess brought home a stray bug as a pet surprised you delighted you while making you tear your hair out too! & of course subtract the # of good nights sleep you'll lose the er date nights you will no longer get &multiply by the things you'll forget & though it makes no sense: you've got mommy math. Really I'm not so great at things like math & the like yet I attract those who are-friends and exes - math/physics/computer geeks. Opposites attract&all that! What I really want is someone good w/words n all that- Artists, musicians&free thinkers-pls apply

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carry your baby without breaking your back

Tired of carriers that are too confusing to use or too uncomfortable or even painful? Do you want to be able to get dishes, dusting and shopping done without any fuss? Would you be interested in a baby carrier company that I think does that and is associated with a Board Certified Pediatrician who is skilled in all aspects of general pediatric care?

Interested in finding out more about these great carriers and/or asking the doctor any questions you may have about Attachment Parenting - pros/cons, details? Then head on over to :


Want to win it? Go to:


Check out her other great giveaways while your there as well as her great articles on activities, crafts, nutrition and reviews of other great products.

Good luck, have fun and create a fortuitous day.

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