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Monday, April 13, 2009

Win a Kid's Creations Swing Set

Spring is here! I'm very excited because spring is the time of new beginnings. And @ two, my little one is reveling in one of his first springs. His excitement over trees flowering and all the "buggies" - ants, butterflies etc - and the opportunity to be out all day - or as long as I can stay away from being inside studying or cleaning is very exciting for him. And this excitement is contagious, its like, I too, as the saying goes, have been given new eyes seeing everything fresh and with wonder.

We currently live in NM and it is fairly new to all of us and I can't wait to take him to the zoo, hiking, to ice caves and pueblos. And right now we walk a few miles to the nearest park.

It can be hard though on a daily base you know those days - just about every one! - that your kids beg you to take them to the park and you're too busy or too tired - or maybe you don't have one close by? Going on their own in this day and age, in most places, isn't always an option.

Or maybe you have a playset, but they've outgrown it, or its rusting and dangerous? Wouldn't you love a product warrantied to be free from deterioration impairing the product - for as long as you own it?

How would you like the chance to win a Kid's Creations Quality Redwood Swing Set? Their giving away their most popular set - the Three Ring Ring Adventure and you don't even have to worry about shipping and handling! Check out this and other sets at their website here: http://www.kidscreations.com Sponsoring the contest is, http://www.dad-blogs.com/the-blogs/community-news/372.html

My family would love to win this set as I'm a non-driver, I think its Dyspraxia that keeps me from it and sometimes as a new, older mom, walking a few miles to the park isn't in the cards. My husband works swing on base, and is an avid player of World of Warcraft, so getting out during the day is difficult for him. We also have the option of sharing with all the cousins - eight so far!

Another reason we'd like to win a Kid's Creation Swing Set specifically is because the founders of this company stand by its quality and in fact, feel its twice the quality of average sets - at half the price. This is important as a quality product, besides being fun and looking great is going to be durable and stand up to years of play. One added bonus - this Swing Set is easy to put together! The holes are pre-drilled! Just bolt the pieces together! Time is important and an extra twenty hours or so could be better spent getting things done and putting in time with our family.

For those who choose to buy a set, how important and better spent is that $700 or so you save buying this set rather then another that gives you a headache and takes away so much precious time from your day? And you can rest assured that this will be worth it from the thicker screws, bolts to the larger lumber, chains and decks - everything is bigger - to hold up under the toughest customers out there - kids! Its commercial grade - even better for years of play. Its so durable and so much larger in every aspect that even mom and dad can play on this one. And you know I would!

With all that Kid's Creation's has to offer, why would our family want something of less superior quality? Something more difficult to put together? Something that won't stand up to the next 12+ years of play? I would love to win this for my little one to play on, to save me precious study/house work time I lose walking to the park (I do my cardio with comcast programs and running after my toddler), and to save my husband frustration putting together another less superior product. This is something, even though my husband is a military contractor, we can't afford on our right now. I'm a SAHM who appreciates the sweetness and importance of staying home (and its actually more expensive to go to work right now) but it means we have to be frugal as far as huge purchase items like this for the next few years.

So please, count me in - because this family would love to win!

Thanks, dad blogger for hosting this contest and give us all the opportunity, not only to win, but to dream of winning such a great Swing Set. A prize that will give kids excercise, problem solving, pretend play - and just plain fun! And give parents less headaches!