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All my work in the past prepared me for the "toughest job I'll ever love"- Mommy! So what do I do? I drown in laundry Marvel at how dishes & clutter can multiply- socks subtract. Repetitive tasks? Sweep several times a day. Find I'm folding laundry cleaning up the same books and toys so often&in the same place in some weird kind of deja vu. &in between I teachinspirelistenplay w/my little one. Thus the name of my blog-Math for Mommies: Add the number of times your child has lost his shoes made a mess brought home a stray bug as a pet surprised you delighted you while making you tear your hair out too! & of course subtract the # of good nights sleep you'll lose the er date nights you will no longer get &multiply by the things you'll forget & though it makes no sense: you've got mommy math. Really I'm not so great at things like math & the like yet I attract those who are-friends and exes - math/physics/computer geeks. Opposites attract&all that! What I really want is someone good w/words n all that- Artists, musicians&free thinkers-pls apply

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Win a double stroller from Tike Tech!

Do you have two stroller age tikes? Want a double stroller that's actually both comfortable and easy to use? Check out Tike Tech! http://www.tiketech.com/strollers-x3-city-single.php

Want a chance to win one for FREE? Go here: http://www.ourordinarylife.com/2009/09/tike-tech-double-stroller-2/comment-page-3/#comment-66124

Good luck!

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